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    Henan Sanjiangyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. ,one of professional manufacturers which is dedicated to research and development, production and marketing of petroleum resin, was established in 2003. It is located in Puyang City, Henan province which is the National Sanitary City, Garden City, Civilized city. Our company, covers an area of 60,000 square meters, has invested more than 50 million CNY and has more than 110 professional and excellent staffs. What’s more there are 22 quality control personnel,  who are responsible for the research and development. So we can ensure that the product can be updated in time and meet the various kinds of customers' demand. From 2003 to the present, the annual output of its C5 petroleum resin is nearly 30,000 tons and C9 petroleum resin is 20,000 tons. We devote ourselves to become one of China’s largest petroleum resin manufacturers.

    By using professional product testing methods and according to the different marked demands of road marking paint, adhesive, hot melt adhesive, paint, ink, rubber tyre, Sanjiangyuan Chemical can supply customers and distributors all over the world the stable quality and professional petroleum resin products.

    Product quality is company’s life. Sanjiangyuan Chemical have established a professional testing laboratory and professional R & D team in order to ensure the product indicators of each type, and its stability, continuity and quality. The team will carry on the physical and chemical index detection and application test to products and it has become domestic leading and international advanced level. To meet different customer safety and environment requirements, our company have obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and OHSMS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification in 2012. These certifications encourage us to pursuit products quality, pay attention to environment and make us realize the importance of staff’s physical and mental health to the continuous development of our company. And they can stimulate workers sense of belonging and value recognition which will help enterprises and employees achieve our common “Chinese dream”.

    Our vision, values, mission and operation, not only reflects our core business and strategy, but also lead us to face the opportunities and challenges under globalization. After successfully establishing a stabilizing domestic market supply system, we vigorously expand the international market. We set up effective and strategic cooperative partnership with the suppliers appears in Global Chemical Network (13 years), Alibaba (7 years), Baidu, Google and other well-known Internet services which make us establish a long-term, stable, mutual trust and win-win partnership with our customers from many countries and regions. Our company not only own business qualifications of import and export but also train a group of elites who familiar with the domestic and foreign market in the long-term production and trade practice. The company develops a strict management system and perfect customer tracking system which will provides high quality products and professional, efficient service to customers.

    The enterprise culture core of Sanjiangyuan Chemical is "quality-oriented, common development". And the core values are: 1.Customers is our eternal God; 2.The key to success is our employees; 3. Superior brands and technologies should be develop first; 4. Excellent quality is our pursuit; 5. Innovation and supporting change are the way we dedicated to; 6. We are committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility; 7. We communicate openly and actively. Impact by such values all employees in Sanjiangyuan Chemical are encouraged to devote their wisdom and themselves to the development of enterprises.

    Sanjiangyuan Chemical Company’s business philosophy is: safety, health, environment, quality and customer satisfaction which is the cornerstone of the success of our cause. We wholeheartedly develop with the upstream and downstream enterprises together and determining not only to be worldwide excellent resin supplier but also within the scope of the Asia-Pacific region. Owning to our continuous efforts in the field of health and environmental protection, we gradually have full sense of responsibility to society. Therefore we, an outstanding enterprises, will be your best partner who can be trust.

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