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     Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin


    1. Product Introduction and application:

    SJY-5100 series of Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon resin is water-white cycloaliphatic resin which are obtained from hydrogenated DCPD .It is mainly used in Hot melt adhesive, Hot melt pressure-sensitive, Tapes, Label, Sanitary materials and Sealant, or for a variety of rubber system as a thickening aid, plastic modification additives, ink additives, Hot melt road marking paint.

    SJY-5110 series of Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon resin’s main raw material is cracking C5 and is obtained by hydrogenation, to achieve high-quality,muti-purpose water-white Hydrocarbon resin.It is mainly used as Hot melt adhesive and Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive. The product has good heat resistance and small smell, and has good solubility with SIS, APAO and other polymers.

    SJY-5111 series of Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon resin is water-white aromatic resin which are obtained from hydrogenated C9 .It is widely applied in hot melt adhesive(HMA),pressure sensitive adhesive(PSA) because it has good thermal stability and good compatibility with SIS, EVA, SBS, SEBS, polyolefin.


    Packed in 25kgs paper bag, pp bag or paper and pp compounding bags; 17MT without pallets or 15MT with pallets for 1*20 FCL. Also can use 750kgs container sack, 15MT with pallets for 1*20 FCL.

    3.Storage & Defence

    It is non-hazardous product. It should be stored in dry and cool place with fire fighting facilities. Far away from fire, sunshine, moisture and pollution.

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